Our community rocks


"I started working out with Explore Fitness in April 2014. Two years ago if you asked me if I could do a handstand, pull ups, or run a half marathon I would have laughed in your face but in the past year I have accomplished all of these goals. Explore Fitness has helped me to become much stronger and more confident in my overall health. They have helped me to establish fitness as a habit and something I enjoy instead of something that I dread.

The community they have created is second to none. I appreciate everything they do for me, from the focus on my technique and the cardio burns to the happy hours. Working out with each trainer from Explore Fitness is fun, challenging, and effective."

- Hannah Potts | Denver, CO

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"I've been a member with Explore since 2012 and absolutely love the team, the experience and the results! Before this training group I never would have thought I could become so into training, I always worked out just because I had to. Explore has given me the internal and physical strength to do things I always thought I wasn't capable of.

This month I'm running my second half marathon. Training has become a priority not just because of the results I've seen but also because every time I go to class I'm getting to see trainers and clients that have become my friends. Each trainer has a unique style so you always have options depending on what you are training for and are always challenged! Never mind that all of the Explore staff are friendly, fun and will push you beyond what you thought you could do all while being encouraging. No matter what your fitness level is you will feel welcomed and challenged.

Believe it: Explore is a community, it really is and one I'm proud and healthier for to be a part of!"

- Darci Potts | Denver, CO


"Explore Fitness’ online programming is the best way to bring about amazing results. The program empowers you to take your fitness into your own hands.

As someone who spends much of his time at work, making the most of my time at the gym is essential. The online training program Coach Taylor creates allows me to set goals for the coming weeks and months and plan for the types of physical transformations that I need to maintain an active, healthy and balanced life.

I have worked with Coach Taylor for several years. What is unique about his approach is that he looks ahead at my goals and crafts the type of program that will help me reach them. Whether it is in the summer when I want to be lean for the beach, or in the winter where I want to build muscle, or in the spring and fall when I want to develop agility to participate in the Spartan or Tough Mudder, Taylor shows just how adaptable and magnificent your body can be!"
- Mel Galloway | New York, NY

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"I reached out to Coach Taylor in hopes of learning how to beat my own personal record for an upcoming half marathon, and also to build strength and stamina in the middle of ski season.  I considered myself to be in fairly decent shape beforehand, but knew I was out of my league as I walked into this upcoming race (my 3rd) where I felt I'd plateaued.

Taylor couldn't have made it easier to develop a routine, both in being a fantastic listener in the beginning as he developed the program but in the weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly) progress updates. My situation required additional consideration given I was based in San Francisco where he was in Denver, so keeping a regular schedule of interactions helped me both stay on plan and learn how my body was reacting to a given portion of the program.

The program started with a general preparatory phase since everyone, myself included, could benefit from the basics. Then, each subsequent phase was designed to build on the previous. Once I developed a baseline in core movements, the routine grew into strength training coupled with flexibility routines. After I'd seen significant gains in functional movements that served both running and skiing, we moved into agility and speed training, which also coincided with increasing overall running volumes week-to-week. At the same time, work required I travel every few weeks, and Taylor was really helpful in accommodating the days where a gym wasn't in the cards for several days in a row.

His support through it all couldn't have been more appreciated and I can't recommend his services enough! I never have felt more in-shape in my life, let alone flexible and functionally strong. I can't wait to get out on the slopes with Taylor this coming season, and ultimately find another excuse to work with him again."

- Eric West | San Francisco, CA

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"I thought about writing a short review to sum up the training from Explore Fitness, however, it would not encompass the true value of everything Explore and Coach Taylor have to offer. 

I am an avid skier, mountain biker, road cyclist, and outdoorsman! Over a two year period prior to working with Taylor, I fell into a lot of bad habits that greatly affected my health and conditioning. This impacted my ability to perform at the level I wanted. With a demanding work schedule with consistent travel, I was in need of a training and conditioning program that was incredibly flexible. When I met with Taylor for the first time, I knew it would be a perfect fit due to his positive attitude and in-depth knowledge of health and fitness. He also was in tune with goals I wanted to accomplish and how to reach them most effectively. These included a ski trip to Silverton, the Winter Park Epic Series and the Triple ByPass 120 mile bike ride from Evergreen to Avon. In the shape that I was in, these goals were more than ambitious due to how physically strenuous they are. However, Taylor told me with a team effort, we would accomplish them!

Taylor put together a series of online training programs over the past several months to meet these exact requirements by designing programs for use with equipment I had at home and in hotels for work trips. He also set up online tools that would be best for my individual personality to help me track my goals. First and most important, he put together my first program to get my body moving again to prevent injury. From there, he discussed healthy eating and designed a program to increase my conditioning to aid in getting me to a healthy body weight for my age and height. When we started to add on to the program, and I got my strength back, he never lost sight of making sure that I was properly moving and stretching for injury prevention. We are now working on a program to get me tuned up for a big guided ski trip in Norway where we will be climbing 3,000 plus feet per day to get some fresh powder turns in!

These programs have been in one word, AWESOME! Through years of playing many competitive sports growing up, I have never trained with someone who is so focused on improvement of overall health and truly being involved in helping to reach goals."
- Elliot Lawrence | Denver, CO


"I began working with Explore Fitness in the Summer of 2013. It had become apparent that my career in finance and associated lifestyle of frequent long hours at a desk, and ignoring the basic needs of a healthy body (poor diet, minimal exercise, constant de-hydration) had taken its toll on me. As an athlete in my younger days I realized that my ability to continue to do the things I loved so much outside of my hectic work schedule were rapidly diminishing, and that it was time for a change. Since my first day working with Explore I have far exceeded any of the goals I established at the beginning, going from over 22% bodyfat to just 10% (loss of 23lbs) while adding another 13lbs of muscle. I feel as good as I have in my life, and my level of performance in my favorite outdoor activities has improved incredibly! I owe it all to the in-depth knowledge of a well rounded wellness program of the team at Explore, as well as a little hard work and sweat."
- Jay Ragozzino | Denver, CO


"I joined Explore Fitness a year ago and I’m absolutely amazed by the changes I’ve seen in my body. I grew up playing sports and have always had an active lifestyle, but Explore has really given me a new perspective of what it means to challenge myself. I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life and am stronger now than I’ve ever been before. Not only am I happy with the physical results, but the trainers and other members I work out with have become like a second family to me. The staff truly cares about what they do, the people they train with and about making exercise fun. Their classes are designed in a way that allow you to get the most out of your workout, no matter your level of strength or fitness. In the past, I never cared too much for group-style classes, but Explore creates a judgment-free atmosphere where no one takes themselves too seriously. Everyone enjoys being competitive with one another, but in a way that motivates rather than intimidates. It’s a really fun way to get a great workout."
- Sal Bekkedahl | Denver, CO


"I have been working with Explore Fitness for about 5 years. I played sports growing up all the way through college but once I graduated I had stopped working out diligently and stopped lifting all together. I had gained some weight from the inactivity and my new desk job and was as out of shape as I had ever been. The guys at Explore were trying to start a small group fitness class and recruited a few of us to try it out. I was instantly addicted. I loved the mix of cardio and a total body lifting in a great group setting. The fact that I didn’t need to try and create a workout (which never would’ve been as challenging or productive as what Explore offered) or motivate myself through the workout was fantastic. I had never worked out so efficiently in my life. I burned more calories and worked out more reps in a 15-30 minute workout than I could accomplish on my own in 60-90 minutes. After about 3 months, I lost 10-15 pounds and within 6 months I was as lean as I had ever been, even when playing collegiate sports.

Even after 5 years, I am still seeing and feeling results and breaking though new physical and mental barriers. The programs are always fresh and challenging and each trainer brings something different and special to the company. The environment is not intimidating in the least bit and everyone is very welcoming to new people of all fitness levels, ages and backgrounds. I absolutely love coming to class because 1) of how I feel, 2) seeing all of the other classmates and trainers who now have become friends and 3) I love being able to continue to physically set and achieve personal fitness goals. Finally, Explore Fitness really tries to create a fun environment and community by setting up happy hours (no, they don’t judge drinking the occasional beer and eating a chicken wing) and outside fitness events like ski days, hikes, bike rides, etc. Explore Fitness has really changed my adult fitness life and I don’t know what I would’ve done without them!"
- Jessica Sellyei | Denver, CO

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"I had rotator cuff surgery in February of 2015 after tearing it surfing in Indonesia. After almost a year of rehabbing it, I decided to get back in shape and strengthen the shoulder because I had a surf trip planned to Mexico at the end of March. My PT & LMT suggested that I contact Taylor. After talking with Taylor, I decided to start training with him. He put together a program while also keeping in touch with my PT & LMT. We had a little more than 6 weeks to train before my trip, and Taylor was nothing but positive and encouraging during that time.

Taylor's training helped me rebuild my strength and mobility which gave me the confidence to get back in the water after not surfing for more than a year, which i did 6 weeks later in Mexico! This year I will be 54 and my goal is to ski again. Something I haven't done in 30 years. With Taylor’s training and support, this will happen and my surfing will get stronger. Thanks Taylor!"
- Trey Glatch | Denver, CO