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Holistic Chiropractor


With a background in professional cycling and extensive global travel, Dr. Lauren brings an unusually diverse worldview to her practice. Growing up in New Zealand, her mother’s wariness of orthodox medicine taught Lauren to pursue sunshine, fresh produce and herbal remedies as a means to maintain daily wellness. Yet when her grueling athletic pursuits led to injury and illness, she found holistic chiropractic care to be the most potent way to promote her body’s self-healing.

After earning a Bachelor of Chiropractic from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (the equivalent of an American Doctor of Chiropractic), Lauren trained in herbal and nutritional medicine, and functional neurology. Her diverse educational interests led her to travel extensively throughout Asia, and to teach and practice chiropractic around the world. She eventually set down roots in Denver in 2014, founding Nikau Chiropractic as homage to the iconic Nikau trees that line the shores of her native New Zealand.


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“I believe in treating the individual. In developing personalized approaches geared towards helping each unique person reach their goals for performance, and a healthy, thriving lifestyle.”

With a background in multiple disciplines of hands on therapies, performance based nutrition sciences, and exercise therapy, Patrick Cross strives to develop well- rounded approaches to the complex fields of high performance, and overall health. He is currently in private practice at his office near city park in Denver, works with the Denver Broncos therapy team, treats patients at Inner City Health Hospital, and is an educator and lecturer on therapy, self care, and physiology.


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Brandee holds both a Masters Degree and a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in San Diego, California. Her education included an intensive oriental medicine studies with a focus on the integration of western bio-medicine. Brandee is trained in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Herbalism (TCM). Complementing the practice of TCM, Brandee has also completed studies in Japanese Meridian Therapy and Herbology. In addition to practicing Oriental Medicine, Brandee has also become certified in interpreting Thermography and treating breast related issues through the Women’s Academy of Breast Thermography. In practice, she incorporates Dr. Richard Tan’s Balance Method, which is gentle and effective for achieving acupuncture results.


Brandee takes special interest in preventative medicine, breast health, fibromyalgia, skin issues, palliative and adjunctive therapy for cancer patients, and chronic pain. She believes that food is medicine and puts a strong emphasis on nutrition in her lifestyle recommendations.


In her spare time, Brandee enjoys spending time with her husband and dog, Duchess, gardening, cooking with herbs, and experiencing Colorado. She also has volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado.


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Josh is a massage therapist who strives to get his clients off the massage table and back to doing what they love.


With a diverse background in various movement modalities including 2 yoga teacher certifications, Josh is equipped to guide you on the path to recovery from pain or injury. A perennial student, Josh is constantly refining his skill sets. Most recently he enrolled in a 600 hour Structural Integration program that aims to systematically refine posture and movement patterns.

Josh’s private practice is located at 16th and York in City Park.



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